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Suzuki Sirius

The New Suzuki Sirius 12 hole models have arrived. We also have both of the new  G-48 models in stock Get yours today at See them at the Buckeye 2010 International Harmonica Festival for details

Akron Ohio Hosts International Harmonica Festival

Great news for North East Ohio music lovers. This years Buckeye Harmonica Festival will leave Columbus, Ohio for the first time and be held in Akron, Ohio.  The three day event will include performances and seminars given by internationally recognized professional harmonica artists including Grammy Award winning Peter “Madcat” Ruth, world renowned classical harmonica virtuoso [...]

Band In A Box Tutorial Video

Band-in-a-Box can create a background for almost any chord progression used in Western popular music. It can then play that song back using the user’s choice of one of thousands of different background styles. In addition to playing back the users’ songs with built in, additional, or aftermarket styles, users can edit these or create [...]

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