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Harmonica Jazz and Slide Man Slim

I frequently visit SlideMeister, a chromatic harmonica forum and I’m a member of SPAH , so I was aware  of Slide Man Slim. I’d read his posts on the forum, knew he’d been a featured performer at the 2007 SPAH convention and even watched him perform on Youtube before but I finally got to meet him at the 2010 SPAH [...]

Seydel Saxony Orchestra

I’ve played the new Sirius 14 and 16 hole models from Suzuki, they’re really awesome instruments and really tempting. I may still get a Sirius 64 because there are a few songs I like that go below G 3 and the Sirius 64 has some serious lower tones. For a few dollars more than what [...]

Harmonica problems ? Take 2 and call me when you’re in mourning.

Since windsaver valves usually fail one at a time and because I’d like to have a little customer feedback, I’m including two of Vern’s Compressed, Waterproofed, Ultrasuede windsavers along with instructions free with every chromatic or valved diatonic harmonica I sell the rest of this year 2010. Danny G –

New Jersey Harmonica Festival

The Garden State Harmonica Club will host it’s 38th annual Harmonica Festival November 18th, 19th and 20th at the Holiday Inn, 283 Route 17 South, Hasbrouck Heights, New Jersey 07604. Registration available online Come see the show, for more information, visit

Harmonica Cd’s

Joe Powers new “Melancolie” CD at New Harmonica. CD’s at has a large selection of harmonica CD’s that are usually only available at Spah and harmonica festivals. Joe Powers, Chris Bauer, Rob Paparozzi, Charles Spranklin, The HotShots, Franz Chmel, Octavia etc

Bends Tonica 48 now available in 9 keys

The Bends Tonica 48 Chromatic Harmonica is available in 9 keys. C, D, Eb, E, F, G, A, Bb and B – Bends is the manufacturer of excellent quality harmonicas, the company is located in Brazil.

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