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– AN “EXTRA SPECIAL” EVENT REMINDER – The fall season ushers in lots of excitement for the Garden State Harmonica Club, as we prepare for our annual Festival in November. To add to this anticipation, September is also the 40th Anniversary of the founding of our club by George Osterman. That’s why we decided to [...]

Introducing the New Medical Harmonica

Watching Paul Davie’s demonstration of Dr. John Schaman’s New Medical Harmonica will tell you more about it than anything I could say. Dr Schaman’s website is primarily for patients, relating to the Harmonica Exercise for Lung Program (H.E.L.P.) which was started in November, 2007. Up until now the “Rhythmic Exercises” and the “Chordal Jamming” tracks [...]

Harmonetta Repair Parts

New Harmonica now carries replacement gaskets and replacement shim screws and nuts for Harmonettas. Look

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