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Medical Harmonica

The Harmonica Exercise for Lung Program (H.E.L.P.) The Medical Harmonica, featured videos, news, songs, tips and more. In over 34 years at the Ontario Aerobics Centre, Dr. John Schaman has seen over 45000 patients for cardiac rehabilitation and sports medicine. As a physician he was alarmed to learn that it is accepted as statistically normal [...]

Danny Welton

Danny Welton playing his rendition of Andrew Lloyd Webbers “Memory” from the Broadway production of Cats. Danny’s played harmonica professionally since the early 50′s and has had movie roles where he played next to Marlon Brando and Frank Sinatra. Danny has recently quit playing the Hohner 270 chromatic and became a fan of the Suzuki [...]

Classical Music for Chromatic Harmonica

After 30 years’ involvement with fretted dulcimer as player, builder, arranger, composer, publisher, recording artist, clinician and festival coordinator, Tom Baehr has set all that aside to concentrate on using those experiences on a childhood pastime: chromatic harmonica. These Harmonica Transcriptions are unlikely to be found elsewhere; the selections are transcribed from solo piano scores, [...]

Harmonica Club of Huntinton West Virginia

October 23 at Hinton Railroad Days Jim Rumbaugh,President of The Harmonica Club of Huntington, West Virginia

Garden State Harmonica Festival 2011

Sign up now for the upcoming Garden State Harmonica Festival ! TICKET SALES


– AN “EXTRA SPECIAL” EVENT REMINDER – The fall season ushers in lots of excitement for the Garden State Harmonica Club, as we prepare for our annual Festival in November. To add to this anticipation, September is also the 40th Anniversary of the founding of our club by George Osterman. That’s why we decided to [...]

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