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Garden State Harmonica Festival 2011

Sign up now for the upcoming Garden State Harmonica Festival ! TICKET SALES

How To Install New Harmonica Valves Video

This video shows how to install our new single layer harmonica valves. These are the perfect replacement valves for all chromatic and chord harmonicas and are excellent for half valving the reedplates of diatonic harmonicas. They are not made of Teflon or Mylar and are guaranteed to not curl SPECIAL OFFER FOR SPAH MEMBERS ONLY [...]


I got to thinking about it and wondered why it’s only been recently that I’ve heard about Seydel harmonicas when they advertise that they’ve been around since 1847. So I visited the Seydel Harmonica website site today and and spent a couple hours researching the company. As I read, it occurred to me that yesterday [...]

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