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HarpBeats featured at PA Strawberry Fest

The HarpBeats will play Saturday from 11 AM to 12:30 PM at the Annual Grove City, PA Strawberry Festival. Admission is free The HarpBeats will be one of the great featured acts later this year at the Garden State Harmonica Festival. For more details visit GardenState

Harmonica Jazz and Slide Man Slim

I frequently visit SlideMeister, a chromatic harmonica forum and I’m a member of SPAH , so I was aware  of Slide Man Slim. I’d read his posts on the forum, knew he’d been a featured performer at the 2007 SPAH convention and even watched him perform on Youtube before but I finally got to meet him at the 2010 SPAH [...]

Bends Tonica 48 now available in 9 keys

The Bends Tonica 48 Chromatic Harmonica is available in 9 keys. C, D, Eb, E, F, G, A, Bb and B – Bends is the manufacturer of excellent quality harmonicas, the company is located in Brazil.

Bends Tonica 64 available in 3 keys

Bends premium 16 hole chromatic harmonicas from Brazil now available in 3 keys A, Bb and C – Bends is the manufacturer of excellent quality harmonicas. The company is located in Brazil.

Bends Harmonicas are available for immediate delivery now at

I bought a Tonica 64 at Spah 2010 and was so impressed that before the week was out, I decided to become a dealer. Bends Harmonicas, professional quality instruments made in Brazil. Read Winslow Yerxa and Pat Missin’s reviews Pat’s Bends diatonics review Pat’s Bends chromatics review Winslow’s chromatic review Bends Harmonicas are available for [...]

Mike Runyan Buckeye 2010

I could tell you about it and say all kinds of nice things about Mike Runyan’s performance at this years Buckeye, but just watch the video and you can tell your friends.

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