I got to thinking about it and wondered why it’s only been recently that I’ve heard about Seydel harmonicas when they advertise that they’ve been around since 1847. So I visited the Seydel Harmonica website site today and and spent a couple hours researching the company. As I read, it occurred to me that yesterday was the 20th anniversary of the opening of the Berlin Wall. One thought led to another and I thought I’d share this one with you.

I worked with a Hungarian fellow years ago named Lazlo who, when he was a young man had a lover named Hermina. Somehow she managed to get a harmonica delivered to him while he was an inmate in a Nazi labor camp in Poland. He never saw her or heard from her again after the war but he kept the harmonica and a picture of Hermina until 1987 when he gave them to me. I took the harmonica to SPAH the following year and showed it to one of my harmonica hero’s, Leo Freidman. The comb was cracked, Leo offered to take it home with him and make me a new comb. A couple of years later in 1990, Leo invited me to come to his home in New Jersey for a few days. He and his wife Mae were wonderful hosts and at the end of my visit, he presented me with Lazlo’s harmonica fitted with the most beautiful solid Nickel comb I’d ever seen. I don’t know whatever happened to the picture but the harmonica is one of my most valued treasures.

I just wanted to compliment Dave Payne on his contribution to the Seydel website and for rekindling the memories of my friends Leo and Lazlo

Danny G

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