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Classical Music for Chromatic Harmonica

After 30 years’ involvement with fretted dulcimer as player, builder, arranger, composer, publisher, recording artist, clinician and festival coordinator, Tom Baehr has set all that aside to concentrate on using those experiences on a childhood pastime: chromatic harmonica. These Harmonica Transcriptions are unlikely to be found elsewhere; the selections are transcribed from solo piano scores, [...]

Franz Chmel CD’s Now Available in the USA

Austria’s Franz Chmel has won numerous awards in international harmonica competitions. Contemporary composers, Walter Breitner, Friedolin Dallinger and J. Geworkian composed new works for him in 2003. He received the Jakob Prandtauer Award of St. Polton for being the first harmonica virtuoso to play at the world famous Musikverein in Vienna at St. Polton. [...]

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