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Garden State Harmonica Festival 2011

Sign up now for the upcoming Garden State Harmonica Festival ! TICKET SALES


– AN “EXTRA SPECIAL” EVENT REMINDER – The fall season ushers in lots of excitement for the Garden State Harmonica Club, as we prepare for our annual Festival in November. To add to this anticipation, September is also the 40th Anniversary of the founding of our club by George Osterman. That’s why we decided to [...]

Upcoming Harmonica Festivals

“Elk River West Virginia Harmonica Festival and Contest” in Belleville,West Virginia, on Sept.19, 2009. Contact Dave Payne at: info for more details The Garden State Harmonica Club festival is coming up in November with a great line up of talent. Rates are now $115 for the festival but hotel rates are still dicounted ($109 [...]

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